Moving Contacts Around

Here's how to move contacts from one list to another.

Here you can see how easy it is to move contacts from one list to another.

I've got 15 people in this inbound leads list, and I want to move Roseanne Roseannadanna from one list to another.

We've had some conversations; we maybe had an appointment. In SEQUENCES I can look and see that she was in this “Following up” sequence, and now we've had a conversation and she's decided to buy.

So I'd like to move her from my list of leads to customers. All I have to do is go over here to contact list, where you can see that she's assigned to inbound leads. I'm going to take her out of that by simply clicking on the tag, and I'm going to put her into the customer list by clicking on that tag. And that's about as easy it is!

If I go back to the contact lists, there's now two people in “customers” – Richard miles and rRoseanne Roseannadanna.

And there you have it!